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Referrals and Assessments

You can self-refer into the service, or be referred by a qualified healthcare professional, who will send you a letter or call you to let you know if you meet the NHS Eligibility Criteria for a wheelchair.

A wheelchair assessment establishes your clinical needs and a prescription is made for the right wheelchair for you.

Your assessment will take place at our wheelchair clinic at Kiln Farm or at home or another appropriate location, i.e. school or health care setting.

When we call you to arrange your assessment appointment, you’ll be given a choice of location and time slot.

Read our What Happens Next leaflet for more information on your assessment.

The average waiting time for an assessment is 6 weeks.

Referral forms

Health professionals can download a referral form here: Wheelchair Service Referral Form

Service users can self-refer via telephone, email or letter; there is no need to fill out any special form.


We encourage you to let us know if you need a review of your wheelchair for any reason.  Please get in touch with us by calling us on 0800 164 6400 or by email. 

Conditions of loan

You can download a copy of the conditions of loan for a manual wheelchair here: Conditions of Loan – Manual 

You can download a copy of the conditions of loan for a powered wheelchair here: Conditions of Loan – Powered

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